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Welcome to the Valley of the Dolls

Im miss world somebody kill me

A safe spot where we will never judge you
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This is a community for people who would like some support. we dont care where you have been or where you are going, if you need us we are here and we will never judge you.
Any issue is welcome

We are attemping to create a close knit trustworthy group of people. Please fill out our survey so we can get to know you. Ive decided FUCK VOTING. Post whatever you want but do fill in the little question thingy so we can get to know you... pleaasee

Music you like:
movies you like:
do you have an ed?:
do you SI?:
what are some tough things you are going through right now?
do you use drugs? if so which ones?
do you drink?
please share at least 3 photos so we can get to know one another

title or description
Nothing Tastes as good as thin feels
title or description

So when posting be sweet and helpful and polite.We are all being pushed a little over our edges.

DISCLAIMER**** we do endorse pills, ana/mia, drinking, SI and other things. we are helping each other in a different way so please be warned if you want to stop go elsewhere*******